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Crystal Eye Beads

gold & pink bead initial bracelet

gold & pink bead initial bracelet

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Our 24kt gold plated bead bracelet is a stunning piece that combines opulence with delicate beauty. Adorned with pink crystal beads, lustrous pearl beads, and charming accents like a pink enamel gold clover and a white initial bead with gold writing, this bracelet is a symbol of elegance and personalisation. Available in three sizes, it caters to your individual style and wrist comfort.


Opulent Gold Plating: The bracelet is carefully crafted with genuine 24kt gold plating, offering a radiant and luxurious shine.

💖 Pink Crystal and Pearl Beads: Alternating pink crystal and pearl beads create a harmonious blend of sophistication and feminine charm.

🍀 Enchanting Gold Clover Accent: The pink enamel gold clover adds a touch of luck and grace to this already exquisite piece.

💌 Personalised Initial Bead: The white initial bead with gold writing allows for a unique personal touch, making this bracelet truly yours.

📏 Three Size Options: With three different size choices available, you can find the perfect fit for your wrist, ensuring both comfort and style.

🎁 Perfect Gift: It's an ideal gift for a loved one or yourself, symbolizing luck, elegance, and personal connection.


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