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Crystal Eye Beads

ocean blue charm phone strap

ocean blue charm phone strap

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Introducing our ocean blue charm phone strap – a captivating accessory that blends style, protection, and a touch of happiness. This phone strap is not just a functional add-on; it's a fashion statement that adds a pop of color and positivity to your daily tech routine.

(Strap in image is Medium length)


💙 Vibrant Blue Beads: The brilliant blue beads form the backbone of this strap, infusing your device with a burst of energy and personality.

😊 Cheerful Smiley Faces: Interwoven with the blue beads are playful smiley face beads, adding a delightful touch of positivity and fun to your phone.

🧿 Protective Evil Eyes: Crafted into the design are protective Evil Eye beads, believed to ward off negative energy and keep your device safe.

🌸 Charming Flower Accents: Delicate flower beads add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to the strap.

📏 Four Length Options: With four different lengths to choose from, you can customize the strap to your preferred style, whether you prefer a snug fit or a longer, more playful dangle.

📱 Universal Compatibility: Designed to easily attach to most smartphones, this strap is a chic and versatile addition to your tech accessories.

Why choose this phone strap:

This strap goes beyond functionality; it's an embodiment of positivity and style. The combination of vibrant blue beads, cheerful smiley faces, protective Evil Eyes, and charming flowers makes it a unique and meaningful addition to your phone. Carry a piece of joy and protection with you everywhere you go. This phone strap not only looks great but also adds a layer of positivity and personal expression to your daily life.

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